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Welcome!.. Well, I don’t greet you all that good in websites. Even in this. I may be changing this file… Maybe for grammar, maybe for more words, etc….

Well, you are Scratch nerd, like I see, and, that you just found RixxyX, but you don’t know what to do…

Here, these are scripts. They’re easy. You just need to add an extension by a this url. I mean, you could just click on these links to get RixxyX in a Scratch mod ( Scratch can’t import extensions! )

So on, you need to make these two scripts:



So, well… It makes the sprite, whatever it is, colorful, and then back and so on… Also, did you saw a tick nearby the counter variable? It makes the “variable” shown in the scene, so that you would understand, how the script works. You could enable the tick, if you want to.

Well, most extensions have counters, but this has the best. Because, it has decrement counter by and set counter to blocks.